Medical Examinations

The CAC believes that all children who may have experienced child abuse or neglect deserve to have access to a medical examination. After a disclosure or concern of abuse, it is often helpful for a child to see a medical professional.

A comprehensive and carefully conducted medical exam is performed on-site at no cost to the family by a pediatric nurse practitioner who specializes in pediatric sexual assault evaluations. An exam involves a complete medical history followed by a thorough head to toe exam similar to a normal checkup at a pediatrician’s office. The medical exam can identify any medical issues or forensic findings that need attention. The medical exam is not invasive and should cause your child no pain.

It is normal for children and their families to feel anxious about the exam. The medical provider will take as much time as necessary to help throughout the exam by explaining each step and finding ways to put the child at ease.

Although there are rarely physical signs of sexual abuse, many children and families are reassured knowing that their bodies are okay and healthy.