There are various opportunities at the CACHC for students who need an internship experience.


The process to intern at the CACHC has a few steps. Below the basic steps are listed.

  1. Contact Jessica Bastianelli, Community Outreach Coordinator 
  2. Complete application
  3. Submit application and resume.
  4. If your skill set and academic needs are a good fit for the CACHC you will be asked to come to our center for an interview and a tour.
  5. Attend the 8 hour required training for all volunteers and interns.
  6. Fill out the additional required paperwork, including a Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting.
  7. Meet with the Community Outreach Coordinator to confirm your schedule. 
  8. Let the work begin!

Typically, the required Intern Class is at the beginning of August and then again at the beginning of January.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accomodate supervised clinical hour internships.

For more information please contact Jessica Bastianelli at or 423-266-6918.